Fundamental Vision
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Vision Exams in Corvallis, OR

Comprehensive Vision Exams:

Dr. Clark will first check your vision to determine if a glasses prescription or some other medical intervention is needed; then she will check the health of your eyes, which may include dilation. Dilation gives a much clearer view of the back of your eye to be sure that your retina is in good health, check for cataracts and many other eye disorders or diseases that often have silent symptoms and can be detrimental to your sight.

Many individuals with undiagnosed vision problems are mislabeled as having ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, learning disabilities or lazy. If you, your child, or someone you know is having trouble, or performing below potential, find out if a vision problem is the cause.

Contact Lens Fittings:

This is an additional, optional, service for the proper healthy fitting of contact lenses. The most important part of the contact lens fit is to be sure to minimize any complications or risks to eye health while wearing lenses. We offer several types of contact lens corrections (Spherical, Toric, Multifocal).
Close-up of woman's blue eye. High Technologies, contact lens - vision in Corvallis, OR