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Services Offered

Comprehensive Vision Exam- $98

Dr. Clark performs comprehensive eye examinations to check clarity of vision, eye health, and provide a prescription for glasses. Dr. Clark specializes in special needs patients, children, patients with acquired brain injury, developmental delay, autism, double vision, binocular vision problems, tracking problems, and other visual disorders.

Contact Lens Fittings - $30-$50

This is an additional, optional, service for the proper healthy fitting of contact lenses. The most important part of the contact lens fit is to be sure to minimize any complications or risks to eye health while wearing lenses. We offer several types of contact lens corrections (Spherical, Toric, Multifocal). Trial contact lenses will be ordered in, or given to patients as needed to find the best, most comfortable fit both visually and physically

Fundamental Vision does not dispense glasses or contact lenses; you may take your prescription to your favorite dispensary

Binocular Sensory Evaluation $275

This two hour evaluation goes above and beyond ’20/20′ vision. Dr. Clark will evaluate how the eyes function and perform. She will administer a multitude of different tests to assess how the patient performs and their potential to perform. The information she will glean from these tests relates directly to performance in professional life, academics, sports, behavior, and all visually guided tasks. Dr. Clark recommends a comprehensive eye examination prior to this appointment to assess eye health and baseline glasses prescription; it should include dilation and refraction. For patients with brain injury or post-concussion problems, a visual field is recommended.

Consultation - No Charge

One week after the Binocular Sensory Evaluation, a consultation will be scheduled to review the results of the testing. Reports are provided which explain the results in detail. Reports are also provided for the referring doctor, pediatrician, primary care doctor, teacher, and any other professional per patient request.

Visual Information Processing Evaluation $175

Some patients will benefit from further testing involving visual information processing (also called visual perception) to assess how the brain analyzes the data that it collects visually. How does the patient interpret what they see? How do they connect it to other things that they know? How does it fit into their representation of the world? These analysis skills are critical for everything we do, from driving a car to learning new concepts in school. Most of all, visual information processing skills are used in reading. Poor readers may be having difficulty processing the information they are seeing!

Vision Rehabilitation Therapy $90 per session

Vision rehabilitation therapy consists of once a week in office sessions administering a series of activities programmed by Dr. Clark to remediate visual problems and improve visual skills. These essential skills include eye tracking, teaming, focusing, eye-hand coordination, depth perception, visualization, and visual perception. Efficient visual skills enable a person to learn and are especially important in reading.