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Patient Experiences in Corvallis, OR

The Riseley Experience

"Before working with Dr. Clark I felt like we were dealing with my son's vision problems alone, but she helps us feel like we are all members of a team."

When we came to Fundamental Vision to do vision therapy, I didn't know what to expect. Other vision experts had gone as far as they could with our son's vision testing. They told us to bring him back in six months and they'd measure his visual field to see if had improved, but that was it. Beyond eye exams and eye exercises, what could an optometrist do?

Dr. Clark worked tirelessly with my son to find eye teaming exercises tailored to his specific challenge areas in order to help him read better. She used balancing exercises to help increase not only his balance, but also his stamina, concentration, memory recall and visual tracking. She recommended homework exercises to reinforce what he was learning in vision therapy and she encouraged him without being condescending or patronizing. Somehow she knew just the right combination of work and playfulness during every session in order to engage him in skill building without exhausting him. He actually looks forward to vision therapy sessions. I can't believe the difference! His concentration, stamina, tracking, and reading have all improved, and so has his confidence.

What makes Dr. Clark such an amazing professional is her searing insight, intelligence, suave manner, and dry sense of humor. She is not only a cognitive and visual scientist, she is a scientist of humans as far as we are concerned and she was able to read our challenged fourteen-year-old so well she got him smiling when he did not feel like smiling. She uses her training and medical knowledge to meet patients where they are. She blends diagnostic moments and therapeutic activities smoothly throughout the therapy and keeps us, as parents, thoroughly informed on how things are progressing.

We are so grateful for Dr. Clark's work with our son and strongly recommend her expertise to anyone in need.

- Chris and Kory R.