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About Ariene Clark, OD in Corvallis, OR

Most patients might expect to hear how wonderful their doctor did in school and the honors they received. Dr. Clark only boasts of her passion, if not downright stubbornness to get her degrees. Dr. Clark knows what it's like to struggle; she knows the frustration of mismatched ability to performance.

While in her second year of optometry school, an initial vision evaluation at Pacific’s vision therapy clinic revealed that her eye coordination for reading was that of an average third grader. After months of therapy, a huge improvement in eye coordination and reading efficiency, an informal class survey revealed she was still the slowest reader in her class. That was when it became clear to her why studying always took three times longer than everyone else (even though she never felt less intellectually capable than her classmates).
As an undergraduate student, Dr. Clark learned that there was an optometrist that was able to help people learn to be better, faster readers. She was able to see firsthand how a classmate went from dreading reading to enjoying it so much, he started reading for fun! The optometrist did not accomplish this profound change with glasses, but with “eye exercises”. It became her passion to one day be able to help people in the same way, using vision therapy and rehabilitation techniques. Dr. Clark realizes the potential we all have to learn and to become better at any goal we set our hearts on.
Photographer, Matt Urbatchka
Dr. Clark graduated from Pacific University College of Optometry, and later went on to obtain a Master of Vision Science degree, allowing her to focus on the neurology of vision, especially visual-vestibular interactions (vision and balance) and neuroplasticity (learning!).