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Vision Services in Corvallis, OR

Sometimes it’s hard to explain what’s going on with your vision; and it might not be just your eyes or glasses. In fact, it could be in your head. Vision isn’t just about seeing well, it’s about understanding what we see.

Your brain and eyes need to be in sync with one another to obtain this goal. We use our vision to learn, and process information around us. When there are problems with your vision, it can seriously affect this process and how you learn, perform at work, impede your stamina, affect your memory, or how you move through your surroundings.
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We offer a full comprehensive vision exam for all ages (especially those struggling with their vision, even if they’re seeing clearly), vision therapy evaluations & sessions, and contact lens fittings. We understand the hardship that comes with having a traumatic brain injury, issues with motion processing or eye tracking, reading difficulties, dizziness or developmental delays, which is why anyone experiencing any of these problems, or athletes wanting to perform better, will feel welcomed and at ease in our relaxed, friendly environment.

We know that vision is fundamental to almost all of our daily activities, which is why our goal is to help you retrain your eyes and their processor (your brain), and relieve some of the stress that comes with vision difficulties. This way you can turn your attention to what matters most in your life...
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